Journey back and share in the adventures of the original Wolf Battle.  He was a hero to some, a traitor to others.  He was the genius who memories were handed down to his young clone.  In this prequel, readers can discover the other “hidden world”.  Wolf and Evelyn meet and fall in love and his love for her changes him forever.  It is a story of love and war and of a man struggling to find out where his place is in a universe that is exploding with chaos.   

COMING SOON:  Wolf Battle, the Legend Begins!

Book Two in the Wolf Battle Series

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Who is Wolf Battle?

Hi!  I’m Manuel Fernandez and I am the author of the Wolf Battle series!  If you are a fan of the Wolf  Battle books, this is the place to find all the latest news and happenings with the series.  There is a vast universe of Battle related works coming your way and this is the first place to find it!   We have a long journey ahead and we’re just getting started.  (It’s the journey that matters)

Author (short) Bio: I was born in 1959 in Havana Cuba.  My family came to the United States in 1961.  By the age of 10, I had discovered a love of books and had resolved to become a writer.

In 1992, I died and was resuscitated after a major accident.  Now, after a lifetime of experiences, learning and guidance from higher authority, I write to serve mankind.  (But not in a creepy “Twilight Zone, what’s for lunch?” Kind of way.)

Book One: Wolf Battle and the Hidden World

The first book in the series, introduces the reader to the boy has the knowledge to annihilate worlds.  Wolf Battle is a young clone with the memories of an eighty year old genius.  If Wolf can complete his promise to the An-Ura, the human race may be spared from another war …. But there are those who want war and they want Wolf dead.  In this story, Wolf finds himself stranded on an unknown planet with a group of children which include an An-Ura boy and two shape shifters from Kepler.  Adventure awaits as the group faces challenges and uncovers mysteries undreamed of, as they fight to survive and find a way back home.

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Meet the Characters: Here , I share my personal renderings of my characters.  I share insight into the characters  in a dialog with them that takes place shortly after their arrival on the “hidden world”.  I also share, drawings and soon 3D depictions of Wolf and all of the main characters.  Find out how I envision them all.

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